Experienced hammock operator, also hacking fullstack web stuff.

What can I do for you?

I can help you build something for the web, as long as you aren't the military, an 'evil' corporation, or something similar. I can develop, extend and tweak backend systems built with Node.js and would love to work on some Elixir projects. On the frontend side I like Ember the most, but can handle pure JavaScript or other frameworks you're using as well. Recently I got interested in Elm.


My hourly-rate ranges from €32 to €64, depending mainly on you and your company. Regarding payment I prefer one third upfront, two thirds on completion.
Some basic indications:


per hour

  • Your product helps people.
  • Your team is diverse.
  • Most of your code is open.
  • You ♥ remote working.


per hour

  • Your users are your customers.
  • You try to get a diverse team.
  • You contribute back to OSS.
  • You're ok with remote working.


per hour

  • Your revenue is based on ads.
  • You're all bros and like it.
  • All your code is proprietary.
  • You want everyone in the office.

Ask for details.


On the interwebz you can find me, pretty much everywhere, as 'optikfluffel'. For example at GithubInstagram or Twitter.

In case you want to contact me directly, just drop a mail at optik@fluffel.io.

Hint: PGP encrypted messages get answered faster ;)

PGP Public Key Fingerprint: 1EB2 1DC7 0AC3 A608 9153 3FAA 7CCE 3938 B889 BB6C